Natural Red Oak Flooring - Elegant Floors.

Natural Red Oak Flooring

natural red oak flooring

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natural red oak flooring - Cumberland II

Cumberland II 7mm Red Oak Natural Laminate

Cumberland II 7mm Red Oak Natural Laminate

7772207D Please note, this is the new Cumberland II, replacing the previous flooring part number 7772207C. It is important to note that the new 7772207D flooring will not lock with the old. Specifications: -Color: Red Oak Natural. -Construction: Laminate. -Installation Type: Float, ArmaLock Installation System. -Width: 7.6''. -Length: 54.33''. -Thickness: 0.28 . -Square Feet Per Carton: 28.67 Sq Ft. -Planks Per Carton: 10. Features & Benefits -ArmaLock Installation System. -No glue needed. -Full Bathroom installations - 100pct silicone caulk must be used around the entire perimeter and a 3/32'' bead of glue on the top of the tongue ONLY. -Durability, beauty, warranty protection and easy care at an incredibly affordable price. -Enhanced visuals and surface texture. -Wood-Grain embossing. -No acclimation required. Related Trim -Quarter Round: 05138. -T-Molding: 05238. -Reducer: 05038. -Threshold: M5438. -Stair nose: N/A. -47'' Flush Stair nose: 05338. -Base / Shoe: 05538. -Filler: N/A. -Overlap Stair: N/A. -Overlap Reducer: N/A. -47'' Overlap Step: 05638. Warranty: -Residential: 20 Years. View Interactive Installation Guide For Locking Laminate Flooring In order to maintain warranty & integrity of the floor, Armstrong recommends the use of only Armstrong branded products like underlayment, pads, moldings and installation kits as needed with every job.

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New Floors in Our Living & Dining Rooms - In Process

New Floors in Our Living & Dining Rooms - In Process

We're having natural red oak floors put into the living & dining rooms in our new house. Thanks to our friends up north!-this beautiful flooring is made in Canada. This view is from the dining room looking into the living room. They should be done by tomorrow.

Red Oak Flooring NATURAL COLOR

Red Oak Flooring NATURAL COLOR

Red Oak harvested in Ozark Mtns and Handcrafted into Elegant Flooring

natural red oak flooring

natural red oak flooring

Stained Red Oak Flooring Gunstock / Natural / 4 1/4 in. / Semi-Gloss

Jasper hardwood flooring is made exclusively from quality northern lumber. Jasper's tradition of manufacturing excellence is an integral part of every Jasper wood flooring product. All hardwood from Jasper is precision-milled, subject to stringent quality controls and dried in state-of-the-art kilns. This line of stained red oak has a smooth surface that is bolstered by 9 coats of OXYLUST + Exclusive aluminum oxide finish. This finish offers superior wear resistance over the competition in addition to limiting bacteria and mold proliferation through the use the antimicrobial agent Ultra-Freshandtrade;. All Jasper flooring is 3/4in. thick. It is tongue and groove and comes with a 35 year warranty against manufacturing / structural defects - Rustic grade is exclusive of this warranty.

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