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Access Floor Panels

access floor panels

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access floor panels - 10 dBi

10 dBi 2.4GHz WIFI Antenna

10 dBi 2.4GHz WIFI Antenna

Replacing your WiFi antenna with our booter will significantly increase the range and strength of your WiFi signal. Our quality built 3x power omni-directional Booster WiFi antenna is a direct replacement for the antenna that comes standard with your router, access point, VOIP device, or PCI card. Because it is omni-directional, no aiming is equired - it can send and receive WiFi in all directions. Our antenna is even 2x stronger then the less powerful booster antennas offered by major manufacturers (2x the power of the Linksys HGA7S and HGA7T.) Installation is very easy - just twist off the factory antenna and twist on our Booster Antenna and you'll experience an instant jump in performance: up to 4x the signal strength and 3x the range. Compatible with all 802.11b and 802.11g WiFi networks and devices, it extends your WiFi into hard-to-reach areas at home or in the office while at the same time reducing interference and noise. No tools are required for the installation of our antenna (twist-on / twist-off.) Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, you can return it for a refund. Complete with Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

76% (17)

Marking Floor Panel

Marking Floor Panel

Here you can see an access floor panel being marked prior to cutting for installation by Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd.

Levelling Floor Panels

Levelling Floor Panels

In this photo you can see raised access floor panels being levelled and installed by Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd.

access floor panels

access floor panels

Tripp Lite SRW12USG 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet with Plexiglass Front Door (Black)

The SRW12USG 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is designed to integrate wall-mounting, easy equipment access, and cable management in IT network applications with limited floor space. Ventilated front door, with Plexiglass insert, and side panels allow generous airflow to keep equipment operating safely. Adjustable rack rails with square mounting holes accommodate up to 12U of standard 19" rackmount equipment. Supports up to 140 lbs of equipment. A sturdy hinge between the cabinet and the wall-mount bracket allows the cabinet to swing away from the wall for easy access to equipment and cabling. Top and bottom panels include convenient cutouts for cable routing.

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