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Floor Covering Ideas

floor covering ideas

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floor covering ideas - Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock

Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock Interlocking Garage Flooring - 3/8x20x20inch, 20 Pack, 55 Sqr/Ft- Black Mats

Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock Interlocking Garage Flooring - 3/8x20x20inch, 20 Pack, 55 Sqr/Ft- Black Mats

Puzzle-Lock 20 packs will cover 55 square feet and can turn your garage into a gym, game room, office, workshop, play-room, or a pet-room in a cost conscious way. Expect this interlocking rubber tile to possibly outlast your idea for the space. This rubber floor tile is durable and is not affected by weather, moisture, or common household cleansers. It is easily cleaned with a mop. Since it is a modular tile, you can easily remove it when you move. This tile will move with you. This gives the Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles longer life when compared to conventional flooring like carpet or wood. We expect years of service from its solid recycled rubber content which is why we offer a 3 year manufacturerOs warranty on the tiles.

85% (18)

Mop cover 2009 (floor side)

Mop cover 2009 (floor side)

Not the most exciting project in the world, not my original pattern, nor my original idea, BUT I have a variety of leftover 100 pecent cotton yarn from various baby projects and found this is a great way to use it up!

I gave up the disposable sheets the company recommends as being too wasteful years ago - I had been using up a rag on the bottom, of the mop but this is much more fun!

Gladiator Idea Gallery: Imagine Your Workspace Scenario

Gladiator Idea Gallery: Imagine Your Workspace Scenario

Visit the Gladiator Transformed My Garage Group to see how other fans suggest using Gladiator in your garage.

floor covering ideas

floor covering ideas

Rubber-Cal Super-Grip Scraper, A Non-Slip Traction Mat - 5mm Thick x 4ft x 4ft Rubber Mats

Rubber-Cal's Super-Grip Scraper is a 5mm thick virgin and recycled rolled rubber mat that provides the best traction due to the hard pyramid style protrusions. The surface pattern is designed to maintain traction regardless of debris and liquids present keeping foot traffic safe while maximizing the ease of cleaning and comfort. Super-Grip Scraper is designed for heavy foot traffic where traction and increased safety is needed and performs especially well in applications containing snow, ice, sleet, wet or damp areas (e.g. ramps, inclines, temporary walkways, etc...). The fabric base-finish adds subsurface traction, keeping the runners bottom surface secure to the floor. Since this product is made from virgin SBR and it creates a completely watertight surface, offers moderate chemical resistance, and can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) is not recommended. A simple and easy installation with Orcon's DS-PS double-sided tape makes for an easy DIY project that will result in a safer or comfortable entranceway for everyone.

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