Access Floor Panels. Deco Breeze Floor Fans. Electric Underfloor Heating Carpet.

Access Floor Panels

access floor panels

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access floor panels - 10 dBi

10 dBi 2.4GHz WIFI Antenna

10 dBi 2.4GHz WIFI Antenna

Replacing your WiFi antenna with our booter will significantly increase the range and strength of your WiFi signal. Our quality built 3x power omni-directional Booster WiFi antenna is a direct replacement for the antenna that comes standard with your router, access point, VOIP device, or PCI card. Because it is omni-directional, no aiming is equired - it can send and receive WiFi in all directions. Our antenna is even 2x stronger then the less powerful booster antennas offered by major manufacturers (2x the power of the Linksys HGA7S and HGA7T.) Installation is very easy - just twist off the factory antenna and twist on our Booster Antenna and you'll experience an instant jump in performance: up to 4x the signal strength and 3x the range. Compatible with all 802.11b and 802.11g WiFi networks and devices, it extends your WiFi into hard-to-reach areas at home or in the office while at the same time reducing interference and noise. No tools are required for the installation of our antenna (twist-on / twist-off.) Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, you can return it for a refund. Complete with Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

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Marking Floor Panel

Marking Floor Panel

Here you can see an access floor panel being marked prior to cutting for installation by Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd.

Levelling Floor Panels

Levelling Floor Panels

In this photo you can see raised access floor panels being levelled and installed by Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd.

access floor panels

access floor panels

Tripp Lite SRW12USG 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet with Plexiglass Front Door (Black)

The SRW12USG 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is designed to integrate wall-mounting, easy equipment access, and cable management in IT network applications with limited floor space. Ventilated front door, with Plexiglass insert, and side panels allow generous airflow to keep equipment operating safely. Adjustable rack rails with square mounting holes accommodate up to 12U of standard 19" rackmount equipment. Supports up to 140 lbs of equipment. A sturdy hinge between the cabinet and the wall-mount bracket allows the cabinet to swing away from the wall for easy access to equipment and cabling. Top and bottom panels include convenient cutouts for cable routing.

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Art Glass Floor Lamps

art glass floor lamps

    glass floor
  • Glass Floor was the debut full length album by the indie pop group, Maritime. It was the follow up to Adios EP, which contained five tracks.

  • This article is about a structural feature. For the expression concerning limitations on advancement, see glass ceiling. For the 2004 Maritime album, see Glass Floor.

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art glass floor lamps - It's Not

It's Not Glass Ceiling/Sticky Floor

It's Not Glass Ceiling/Sticky Floor

Originally written as a guide to her daughters, "It's Not the Glass Ceiling, It's the Sticky Floor" is Karen Engberg's answer to the great questions created by liberation. This is an urgent call for women to negotiate equality in the home and for men to understand that motherhood and 'housework' are just as important as bread-winning. 'The ability to spot-treat stains, remember who doesn't like brownies with nuts, memorise the baby-sitter's number, and remember that toilet paper is needed even when it's not on the grocery list, involves talents residing in the twilight zone of human accomplishments. These skills do nothing for a resume but are essential to civilised survival. Then your husband comes home from work and wonders what you've been doing all day'. Welcome to the motherly vocation of what Engberg labels the 'Small Stuff Technician'. In pithy and hard-hitting chapters, using hilarious and hair-raising personal experiences, Engberg challenges the studies and assertions of 'experts' who fail to address family issues in realistic, or realisable, terms. She offers fresh points of view and advice for women on youthful decision-making, motherhood, what to expect from husbands and fathers, domestic duties, parenting, handling teenagers, finance, and much more.

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Le grand luminaire

Le grand luminaire

Le grand luminaire: A very unusual floor lamp, with twisted metal coils fitted to the base and stem, and a four part metal shade with woven sea glass chunks to the front, and hand cut metal strips to the side and back.I have used retro look fabric wire, bakelite plug, an aged hooked bulb holder,and the lighbulb is also pretty special: handmade in Switzerland. Approximate size : 1.8m.

Willow Art Glass Floor Accent Lamp ($125)

Willow Art Glass Floor Accent Lamp ($125)

Willow Floor Lamp.
Finish: Bronze.
Shade / Glass: Honey And Amber Artglass.
59 Height x 20 Width.
Bulbs: 2-100 Watt Medium Base.
In original shipping box.
$125 (normal price: $225)

art glass floor lamps

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Direct Carpets And Flooring : Wood Floor Covering Association : Floor Installations.

Direct Carpets And Flooring

direct carpets and flooring

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direct carpets and flooring - Fein 6-39-03-167-41-1

Fein 6-39-03-167-41-1 Flooring Kit - Multimaster

Fein 6-39-03-167-41-1 Flooring Kit - Multimaster

Everything you need for just about any flooring job you have in mind. Fein MultiMaster Pro Floor Kit includes: Rigid scraper blade for tough jobs like lifting linoleum, carpet, adhesive residue, scale, paint and tape. Convex segment blade for cutting linoleum, carpet, rubber, leather and cardboard. 1-3/8" wide E-Cut blade for slow, more precise cuts in wood and drywall. 2-1/2" wide E-Cut blade for making fast, aggressive cuts in softer woods. 2-1/2" wide E-Cut blade for slow, precise cuts in wood and drywall. Carbide rasp for aggressive material removal on wood, stone and concrete. MultiMaster not included.

81% (12)

290/365 Textures

290/365 Textures

Our new wooden floor (thanks to Tim from Direct Carpets of Letchworth) and our tiled kitchen.

direct carpets and flooring

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Download Killing Floor Map Pack : Blood On The Dance Floor S My D Mp3

Download Killing Floor Map Pack

download killing floor map pack

    killing floor
  • "Killing Floor" was the first and only single released to promote Bruce Dickinson's fifth solo studio album, The Chemical Wedding. It was released on 1998. The single failed to chart as it was only released in Japan.

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Skam - ILL PACK ! recieved

Skam - ILL PACK ! recieved

Very very ill! thanks man much appreciated!!You weren't messing around when you said Fatty!too many to count =D I already slapped a few around .The Nerd in the corner not included in this pack .Still drinkin after all these beers...

my first rad pack ring #127

my first rad pack ring #127

I opened my 1st rad pack today (thanks Sara!)
containing a wheat (?) seed pod and a tiny white shell.
I played with the wheat shape and color- the white shell ended up being painted yellow and is on the other side of the ring

download killing floor map pack

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Floor Covering Ideas - Floorplan 3d Design Suite 10.0 - Stainless Steel Floor Waste

Floor Covering Ideas

floor covering ideas

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floor covering ideas - Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock

Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock Interlocking Garage Flooring - 3/8x20x20inch, 20 Pack, 55 Sqr/Ft- Black Mats

Rubber-Cal Puzzle-Lock Interlocking Garage Flooring - 3/8x20x20inch, 20 Pack, 55 Sqr/Ft- Black Mats

Puzzle-Lock 20 packs will cover 55 square feet and can turn your garage into a gym, game room, office, workshop, play-room, or a pet-room in a cost conscious way. Expect this interlocking rubber tile to possibly outlast your idea for the space. This rubber floor tile is durable and is not affected by weather, moisture, or common household cleansers. It is easily cleaned with a mop. Since it is a modular tile, you can easily remove it when you move. This tile will move with you. This gives the Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles longer life when compared to conventional flooring like carpet or wood. We expect years of service from its solid recycled rubber content which is why we offer a 3 year manufacturerOs warranty on the tiles.

85% (18)

Mop cover 2009 (floor side)

Mop cover 2009 (floor side)

Not the most exciting project in the world, not my original pattern, nor my original idea, BUT I have a variety of leftover 100 pecent cotton yarn from various baby projects and found this is a great way to use it up!

I gave up the disposable sheets the company recommends as being too wasteful years ago - I had been using up a rag on the bottom, of the mop but this is much more fun!

Gladiator Idea Gallery: Imagine Your Workspace Scenario

Gladiator Idea Gallery: Imagine Your Workspace Scenario

Visit the Gladiator Transformed My Garage Group to see how other fans suggest using Gladiator in your garage.

floor covering ideas

floor covering ideas

Rubber-Cal Super-Grip Scraper, A Non-Slip Traction Mat - 5mm Thick x 4ft x 4ft Rubber Mats

Rubber-Cal's Super-Grip Scraper is a 5mm thick virgin and recycled rolled rubber mat that provides the best traction due to the hard pyramid style protrusions. The surface pattern is designed to maintain traction regardless of debris and liquids present keeping foot traffic safe while maximizing the ease of cleaning and comfort. Super-Grip Scraper is designed for heavy foot traffic where traction and increased safety is needed and performs especially well in applications containing snow, ice, sleet, wet or damp areas (e.g. ramps, inclines, temporary walkways, etc...). The fabric base-finish adds subsurface traction, keeping the runners bottom surface secure to the floor. Since this product is made from virgin SBR and it creates a completely watertight surface, offers moderate chemical resistance, and can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) is not recommended. A simple and easy installation with Orcon's DS-PS double-sided tape makes for an easy DIY project that will result in a safer or comfortable entranceway for everyone.

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